Course Overview 课程大纲

Do you come across clients who experience pain during the 4 major barbell lifts (bench press, squats, deadlifts, overhead press) and as their personal trainer, you are determined to help them but not sure how? Have you been looking online and on youtube for solutions to pain symptoms but get confused as to which approach is safe for personal trainers to follow? Do you know when to seek help from medical professionals, and under which circumstances you can safely work with your clients in a gym setting? This is a course for fitness professionals whose objectives are to dive deeper into why their clients experience pain during barbell lifts and adopt strategies that will get their clients out of pain, and stay in action as you work with them on strength development.


Course Highlights 课程亮点​

 • The Rehab Process Overview


• Pain Symptoms in relation to movement faults and compensation


• Corrective Exercises – Programming and Cueing Methodologies

矫正性运动 —训练计划与提示方法论

• Short Videos that are easy to understand


• Chinese Subtitles Available in Simplified Chinese


Course Objectives ​课程目的

• Learn the principles of load management, pain science rehab and performance programming


• Dig Deep into optimizing squat form, variation selection, and what to do when pain arises. Find out why everyone squats differently.


• Learn now to modify bench press to reduce shoulder pain and increase performance


• Deadlifts – learn how to optimize form and modify it based on anatomy, personal preference, and injury history

硬举 —学习如何优化姿势,并依据个体结构,个人偏好,受伤史来进行调整。

• Learn how to optimize overhead lifting and how personal trainers can use it to promote shoulder health.


Pre-requisite 参课条件

This is a continuing education course for existing fitness professionals who has gained front line experience in personal training, knowledge of exercise science, understand client assessment and programming.


Course Facilitator 课程讲师

Dr Michael Mash

PT, DPT, CSCS, SFMA, FMS, Cert. TTM, Founder of Barbell Rehab

Course Provider 课程提供单位

Fitness Academy Asia (FAA)

Continuing Education Points 继续教育学分

NASM – 0.9 CEU(s)

ACE – 0.6 CECs

Category C NSCA – 0.8 CEU(s)

Course Duration 课程时长

6 Hours – Study At Your Own Pace

6小时 —可依照你的进度学习

Examination 考试

Online Examination – Multiple Choice – Passing Score 70%


Learning Materials 学习材料

Electronic Course Manual


Online Lectures - Pre-Recorded


Awards 证书

Upon the passing of the online exam, you will be awarded a “Continuing Education Certification of Completion” by Barbell Rehab.


Grading Criteria 通过标准

Online Exam Passing Score of 70%



Recertification 重新认证


Exam Fee 考试费用


What Do I Need to Bring? 我需要准备什么?

Mobile/Desktop/Tablet – Can be used on any device

手机/电脑/平板 - 任何可以学习线上课程的装置

Pen and Notepad for notes


Language 语言

English with Simplified Chinese Subtitle Options


Information displayed above is correct during time of publishing and may subject to change without prior notice


Course Highlights


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Principles of Training and Rehab


In this module, we discuss the principles of load management, pain science, rehab and performance programming, and how to optimize mindset on returning to baseline after an injury.


Module 2: Training and Modifying the Squat


Here we dig deep into optimizing squat form, variation selection, and what to do when pain arises. Everyone squats differently. Here's where you learn why.


Module 3: Optimize the Bench Press for Health and Performance


Many people complain of shoulder pain during the bench press. Here, we talk about how to optimize and modify this lift to reduce shoulder pain and increase performance.


Module 4: Deadlift Form, Variations, and Common Issues


Many people avoid the deadlift because of back pain. In this module, you'll learn how to optimize form and modify it based on anatomy, personal preference, and injury history.


Module 5: Overhead Lifting and Shoulder Health


Many people avoid pressing overhead in fear that it will cause shoulder pain or due to current discomfort. Here we talk about how to optimize overhead lifting and how we use it to promote shoulder health.


Continuing Education Points
American Council on Exercise (ACE) – 0.6 CECs
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – 0.9 CEU(s)
National Strength and Conditioning Association – 0.8 Category D NSCA CEU(s) 


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