The Barbell Squat is perhaps one of the best exercise to develop overall body strength as it requires the use of all major muscle groups in the body.

Being able to squat properly also requires adequat mobility. Your client who squats frequently will also most definitely develop mobility in the lumbo pelvic hip region.

In this free online course, Dr Michael Mash leads a workshop that talks about different issues that may arise when teaching a barbell squats. In this one hour session, he covers....

Squat Stance - how everyone's stance is different and how changing the stance may alleviate hip impingement

Ankle mobility - tests for ankle moblity and drills to improve it

Lower back pain during squats. Dr Mash talks about core bracing, breathing techniques, and drills to develop core strength to alleviate lower back pain

Join us in this free online workshop and dispel some of the myths and uncertainties you may be having about the barbell squats to become smarter and more effective in teaching and coaching technique

This workshop is part of a larger online course developed by Dr Mash called "Barbell Rehab Online Workshop". To learn more about working with clients with pain on the bench press, overhead press, and deadlifts, click here..

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Hi, I’m Michael, founder of Barbell Rehab

There are a LOT of people out there who need your help. Far too often, I see people with minor aches and pains get lost in the medical model.

They may be told by a physician to stop lifting (because it's "bad" for you) or undergo unnecessary surgeries that keep them out of your gym for months.

I want to help you change that. The principles in this course will not only teach you how to work with people that have pain or mobility limitations, it will teach you how to EMPOWER them to live stronger and healthier lives!