The body is an amazing tool, as it has the ability to always find the easier route in movement with minimum effort or thought. We have our own built in ‘Garmin’ that enables us to move involuntarily on a daily basis.

However, this involuntary mechanism malfunctions more often than not due to inefficient muscular patterns. This is when compensations occur during movement which invariably leads to postural deviations, injuries and degeneration.


In this course, we take an intricate look at muscles that commonly dominate movements or positions and how to inhibit these dominations. Ultimately, we want balanced muscular development for posture improvement and injury prevention. The client will be able to correct these compensatory patterns once they have an awareness as well as the knowledge on how to avoid or improve their compensations.

Continued Education Credits

ACE - 0.2 CECs

Course Highlights

The Why Behind Compensation

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