The Myths of Postural Assessments

Dispel the Myths | ACE 0.3 CECs

There has been a great shift in the Movement Industry with regards to postural correction. We take postures out of the box and bring in all the elements of what makes anatomical sense and what are the reasons for the conflicting information that is derived through posture when assessing it against a client’s movement patterns. In this course, we learn how to assess a posture through an understanding of the body’s response to various joint changes in correlation with client specific restrictions and abilities.


This course is to give the instructor or professional a comprehensive understanding of postural assessment versus movement assessment and the conflicting information derived through these two factors. The Movement Professionals will be able to understand the reason behind the information derived in the assessment as well as why there might be conflicting information when the client starts moving and exercising. The Movement Professional will also be able to assess when a posture is physically restricted versus when it is simply an awareness that is required.

Course Description

  • Fundamental postural pointers
  • Practical postural assessments
  • Comparing these assessments to movement & what could be expected
  • The myths of postural assessments
  • Comparison of various postures and the myths of strength versus flexibility for postural improvement on a general scale 

Continuing Education Credits

ACE - 0.3 CECs

Course Curriculum

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The Myths Of Postural Assessments

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