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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Principles of Training and Rehab

In this module, we discuss the principles of load management, pain science, rehab and performance programming, and how to optimize mindset on returning to baseline after an injury.

Module 2: Training and Modifying the Squat

Here we dig deep into optimizing squat form, variation selection, and what to do when pain arises. Everyone squats differently. Here's where you learn why.

Module 3: Optimize the Bench Press for Health and Performance

Many people complain of shoulder pain during the bench press. Here, we talk about how to optimize and modify this lift to reduce shoulder pain and increase performance.

Module 4: Deadlift Form, Variations, and Common Issues

Many people avoid the deadlift because of back pain. In this module, you'll learn how to optimize form and modify it based on anatomy, personal preference, and injury history.

Module 5: Overhead Lifting and Shoulder Health

Many people avoid pressing overhead in fear that it will cause shoulder pain or due to current discomfort. Here we talk about how to optimize overhead lifting and how we use it to promote shoulder health.

Earn Continuing Education Points With These Organizations

American Council on Exercise (ACE) – 0.6 CECs
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – 0.9 CEU(s)
National Strength and Conditioning Association – 0.8 Category D NSCA CEU(s) 

Chinese Subtitles Available for Students From Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China

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