Shoulder Stability WOW Factor

The Missing Link To Your Client's Shoulder Program

You are about to learn a new approach to Scapula Stability. Poor shoulder mechanics are causing injuries, tension and possible degeneration in cervical joints as well as the glenohumeral joint. In order to obtain efficient shoulder and cervical stability, we need to redirect our focus on shoulder stability training. In this course, we bring in the missing element of functional and relaxed free movement, the benefits of this and how to teach this to your clients. You will learn the exact techniques and program that help you achieve excellent scapula stability incorporating mind-body principles as well as musculosketal training.


This course will teach the professional a program that will focus on efficient and safe shoulder stability. They will learn how to practically teach efficient shoulder stability. This course is based on the practical teaching of shoulder stability and therefore, will provide the professional with all of the tools, cues, hands on training and movements that are required in order to achieve that perfect stability.

Course Description

  • Short introduction to the importance of shoulder stability.
  • Comprehensive program with thorough explanations of each exercise as well as possible compensations.
  • Tips on how to perform the movements with precision in order to obtain optimal relaxation and free movement without compensations.
  • The conclusion of this effective program on the individual and how this will affect their rehabilitation and functional movement. 

Course Curriculum

  Shoulder Stability WOW Factor
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