The fundamentals of safe cervical training are addressed in this course. We look at the all the elements that form a great cervical exercise program and how to implement these effectively. What anatomy is involved, how do we stretch the neck effectively and what exercise program will create optimal neck health through creating tension release, aligned functional strength and less aches and pains. We introduce you to the importance of the Brace Triangle and how, through implementing this concept, the neck is able to function on a stable base.



This course enables the Movement Professional to teach an effective neck program that will encourage better alignment and functional strength within the neck. The professional will also learn all precautionary measures as well as what to avoid if certain pathologies were or are present. After completing this course, the professional will also have a deeper understanding of safe training for the neck as well as a full exercise program that can be used for their clients.



Course Description / 课程说明

  • Cervical Anatomy / 颈椎解剖学
  • The importance of quality cervical training and alignment / 高品质颈椎训练与排列的重要性
  • The elements of great cervical training / 使得颈椎训练有效的元素
  • Precautions / 注意事项
  • Injury awareness / 伤害意识
  • The exercise program / 训练方案
  • Conclusion / 总结

Continued Education Credits / 继续教育学分

ACE - 0.1 CECs

Course Highlights

Safe Cervical Training

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