You are about to delve deeper into pregnancy than you expected and trust us, this IS a journey that you want to take. It is so important to understand pregnancy better when dealing with this special population as there are various changes that occur within her body at this point. Not to mention the changes per trimester. It is also important to have all the necessary information at your fingertips as this enables you to feel confident and know that each decision you make is a well informed and safe decision. Training during pregnancy has many benefits however the trainer of professional needs to have extensive knowledge on this subject. Learn a per trimester program as well as loads of additional information with regards to precautions, changes, her needs and so much more.


This course is to give the instructor or professional a deeper understanding of how to set up a comprehensive program for a pregnant woman, bearing the 3 different trimesters in mind. The professional will learn the various adaptations, approaches and classes that you can offer per trimester. It will also provide them with information on common conditions and injuries and how to adapt the program to improve her general wellbeing. Therefore, guiding her in being able to cope with the changes that are occurring in her body.

Course Description

  • General guidelines, goals and appropriate exercise
  • The benefits of exercise and understanding the anatomical changes occurring
  • Physical changes and conditions associated with pregnancy and how to aid these
  • Comprehensive and safe programs per trimester


Pregnancy and Safe Training

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