As we age or do specific sports, our knees take a lot of strain which results in wear and tear of the joint or instability within the joint due to predominant muscles or movement compensations. Before we can create a client specific movement and rehabilitation program, we need to be familiar with the structure of the knee as well as the possible compensations that could occur during movement. When these compensations occur, what would the possible reason for this be? Knee stability is reliant on hip and pelvic stability and therefore a hawks eye is required when assessing client knee movement. Client movement or musculoskeletal restrictions have to be considered as this will affect the program that you have designed for them. This course provides you with a comprehensive yet safe knee stability program with all of the additional factors i.e. hip and pelvic position in it.


We want the professional to provide their client or patient with a client specific knee stability program that takes injuries, sport, age and precision in movement into account. This course will provide them with all the ‘look out for’ negative and positives in a knee program as well as teach them ultimate positioning for maximum output of muscle contractions. If this program is followed, then their clients or patients will achieve amazing results with long term effective movement.

Course description:

➢ Short introduction to the importance of knee stability and additional factors that play a role in knee rehabilitation.

➢ The anatomy involved in knee stability.

➢ The thought pattern of knee stability.

➢ What the knee feels like in certain positions?

➢ Comprehensive program with thorough explanations of each exercise as well as possible compensations.

➢ Tips on how to perform the movements with precision in order to obtain optimal relaxation without compensations.

➢ The conclusion of this effective home program on the individual and how this will affect their rehabilitation and functional movement.


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