In order to create a client specific program that will reap positive results, we need to do a comprehensive body assessment on each client. This will provide us with the necessary information as to what we should and should not be doing with these clients or patients. If we are not able to do a proper assessment, results will be inhibited.

In this course, we take a look at all you need to focus on, look out for and do in an assessment. The assessment will give you a very good overall idea of what is required when you compile the client specific program for your client or patient. This is based on a movement assessment and therefore you will be looking out for compensations, restrictions and ease of movement as well as a mind-body connection. We teach the professional a comprehensive program including all of the vital principles that they need to assess as well as all of the exercises that they need to do with their clients in the assessment.  


This course is designed to provide the professional with a comprehensive movement assessment program that can be used for everyone taking their injuries into consideration. They will be able to create a client specific program once they are able to assess these movements effectively. We discuss all of the elements that we will be assessing and then get practical whereby they are able to see the movements occurring on an individual.  

Course Description

  • Exercises are performed on the exercise mat.  
  • A comprehensive overview of what we will be assessing in each exercise or movement.
  • Discussion of what was seen in each movement.
  • Noting of compensations and a client specific level.
  • Performing the movement assessment on an individual and assessing the outcome of the movement.
  • Conclusion of the importance of the assessment that was performed. 

Continued Education Credits

ACE - 0.2 CECs

Course Highlights

Client Movement Assessment

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